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Your Spiritual Game Plan with Cheri Fletcher

Mar 9, 2021

What do we do when the plans we have don't meet our own expectations?

When things are shaken and fall apart?

When disappointments that we face break our hearts? 

Do we try to put everything back the way it was so no none can see, or do we take the time to rearrange - remodel?

Kristie Christie shares her answers to...

Mar 2, 2021

God has a mission for you and has prepared people for you to impact – but that can only truly be lived out by letting go of who you are not.

My guest, Avery Forrest, has had the same struggle. When she heard a message on being ok with who you are not, it opened her eyes to how much time she had wasted trying to live...

Feb 23, 2021

Many women live with anticipation—but also great anxiety—about what the future may bring. So they work hard to stay one step ahead of their worst-case scenarios.

While they’re focused on arranging a secure tomorrow, their fear strangles the peace, joy, and purpose from today.

With the Proverbs 31 woman as a guide,...

Feb 16, 2021

Being a woman God can bless is a desire that my guest Sharon Norris Elliott wants to empower us to be. She explains that we are definitely bless-able, but often we take ourselves out of alignment with God's blessings. In this episode Sharon will share the message from her book A Woman God Can Bless and explore your...

Feb 9, 2021

After losing both her mother and sister to cancer and then receiving a diagnosis herself, Niki Hardy learned that it is possible to find hope, peace, trust, joy, and even laughter in the midst of it all. She learned she could thrive, not just survive. 

Through her journey she has developed 7 practices to help her get...